Since Passage to Inis Mór was first published some months ago people have contacted me asking how and why I wrote such a book. Others have left reviews saying how the book made them look at their lives and consider what their actual purpose in life could be. You have no idea how much pleasure that gives me! When I was writing Passage, I wrote without thought or pause. The book simply came pouring out. I worried at times that I wasn’t taking it seriously enough, and that the message I wanted to convey would not be understood. I am grateful that so many people have taken time to contact me or have left reviews that affirm that all of us sense, at some level, that there is a meaning and a purpose to every human life.

To get back to the original question, why did I write such a book, the answer is both simple and complicated. The simple answer is that I was lost and without purpose myself for many years and wished to help others who were in that same position. The deeper answer is that after studying the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Bill Wilson,
Elaine Pagels, and Paul Coelho, I came to believe that every human being comes to earth bearing a gift. A gift that is needed by the people of this world. It is an ancient belief, first suggested in Western culture by Socrates and his disciple, Plato. It is a belief that turned my own life around. A belief that has enabled me to find my own purpose in life and my own calling. I wanted to pass that on.  

Another part of the answer is that I was drawn to the island of Inis Mór from an early age. Perhaps by the stories that my mother told me in childhood, perhaps by something deeper. The old saying has it that a picture is worth a thousand words so I will include a link to a short video that will give you a taste of the beauty and mystery of the Irelands West Coast. Some of these images are from Inis Mor.