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Brian O’Raleigh was born to Irish parents in the seaside resort town of Blackpool. At the age of eighteen, he travelled alone to Australia where he worked on construction sites in the cities, drilled for gold and minerals in the outback, and managed remote cattle stations in the wild Kimberly region of West Australia, along with a dozen different occupations. He now lives between Ireland, Australia, and the Island of Bali, where he has built a home in the hills for himself, his wife, Kadek, their Irish Wolfhound Cú-Chulainn, and two spoiled cats.

Brian began writing in 2010 and has published five books. His latest work, Passage to Inis Mór, a fictitious account of how an emotionally unavailable advertising executive, whose wife has left him, comes to terms with his failings as a husband, a father, and man. The Australian Irish Echo lauded Passage to Inis Mor as: “O’Raleigh’s work reminds one of the great Irish authors like Sean O’Faoláin,and Benedict Kealey.”

Waiting for WalterA Memoir. Part 1

Australian Woman’s Day. “From raw and compelling prose, a moving portrait emerges of Brian. From cowed child to fierce rebel and finally to an adult battling his own inner demons. This is a finely crafted memoir”.

The Australian Irish Echo. “O’Raleigh is a convincing writer, and this book is good enough to deserve ranking with Angela’s Ashes.”

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Passage to Inis Mor

Passage to Inis Mor

When 38-Year-old Conor O’Rourke arrives in Ireland after an absence of thirty years, his life is in bits. His marriage has fallen apart, his advertising agency in Australia is bankrupt, and he’s hearing poetic voices in his mind urging him to return to his childhood home, the remote Island of Inis Mór.

Waiting for Walter

Brian O’Raleigh never knew why his family fled Ireland but he learned early to escape his father’s demonic rages by slipping away from the Alexandra Private Hotel to the beach and the Kathleen R, the fishing boat that was to become his refuge and his sanctuary.

Waking Walter

In 2011, Dr Graham Baker was therapist and confidant to some of Hollywood’s major players. Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Spielberg, Barbara Streisand, and Cher, were among a host of celebrities he claimed had either read his books or attended his workshops.


Waiting for Walter

“O’Raleigh is a convincing writer, and this book is good enough to deserve ranking with Angela’s Ashes. He mixes dialogue, narrative and reflection in a memoir that is always engrossing, often scary and sometimes funny. He is searingly honest and if this work can bring help to other tortured souls, he deserves great credit.”

– The Australian Irish Echo