Writing/ Storytelling Workshops in Sydney

Join this series of four workshops with bestselling Irish author Brian O’Raleigh for a unique inspirational approach to creative writing. The course will cover story structure, character creation, plotting, editing and publishing. Brian believes that anyone, given the right tools, can create a meaningful story or memoir.

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JULY 2023

Writing/ Storytelling Workshops to be held in Galway and on Inis Mór

The workshops are for those interested in Irish culture, storytelling and the art of the Seanachai. That includes writers, readers, and all those seeking a meaningful Purpose and direction in life, whatever your age may be!

The five day workshops include joining the author on a one day tour of the island of Inis Mór, visiting all the places mentioned in Brian’s books. Lunch at the islands favorite restaurant and an evening of Irish hospitality in one of Irelands most famous singing pubs.

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Passage to Inis Mór


When 38-Year-old Conner O’Rourke arrives in Ireland after an absence of thirty years, his life is in bits. His marriage has fallen apart, his advertising agency in Australia is bankrupt, and he’s hearing poetic voices in his mind urging him to return to his childhood home, the remote Island of Inis Mór. His grandmother has contacted him, saying that she is dying and must speak with him, but when he arrives on Inis Mór, a hauntingly lonely, starkly beautiful island in Galway Bay, she has already passed, leaving him a cottage and a dilapidated old sailing boat. A mysterious old stranger appears, offering to help rebuild the boat and, as they work together, the old man tells Conner stories of Ireland. Stories of the Selkies, (the seal people) stories of Irishmen sailing around Cape Horn, stories of the Banshee and Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster. Legends of courage, purpose, and passion that could help redeem Conner’s broken life, if only he can muster the courage to follow his heart.

“O’Raleigh’s new book: Passage to Inis Mór – reminds one of the great Irish writers, such as Sean O’Faolain and Benedict Kiely.” Frank O’Shea – The Australian Irish Echo.

Passage to Inis Mor

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